_The legacy of a new generation

One of Mexico’s and Latin America landmarks the AZTECA stadium stands as a true icon. Stemming from a timeless volcanic rock settlement its name bears tribute to the land’s pre-Hispanic heritage representing culture and passion.

Now renewed after 50 years it pays tribute to the legend of QUETZALCOATL within an ultra modern retail, sports and entertainment facility, bringing a stunning experience for a new generation of visitors.

The plumed serpent God representing the mystical connection between heaven & earth.

This New Generation of Entertainment/Retail space unites the soul, fervor and untamed spirit of the AZTECA stadium.

Inspired by the Plumed God’s translucent multicolor feathering; translating into delicate roof structures that overlap gracefully twisting; the eternal fire of passion.

Adding excitement and energy by containing top quality restaurants and shops it delivers the ultimate venue; an oasis for fans and visitors alike.