_A sparkling oasis in the heart of the metropolis.


The majesty and allure of Latin America’s foremost city; an epicenter of culture and tradition where among its elevated plateaus we position this stunning development.

The Aztec mystical lakes and terrain giving birth to an ISLAND OASIS that through the conquering Spaniards spawned an impressive urban center; today CDMX.

“Zocalo” the empowering grid of CDMX Main Square becomes VERTEX; seed where

the magic flourishes.

CDMX a unique melting pot of culture and global business; a quick paced lifestyle that constantly seeks a space where conviviality and peacefulness bring an escape from the bustle and roar of the metropolis.

VERTEX TOWERS, traditions, technology and the pursuits of CDMX’s society fuse within this breathtaking reinvention of the Urban Island Oasis.

VERTEX TOWERS & GARDENS; Work, leisure and the demands of contemporary city life entwined with the luxury and privacy that only a passion for design deliver. WORK, STAY, ESCAPE.